Tutor Spotlight - William Belcher

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William Belcher, Class of 2020


Mechanical Engineering, McCormick School of Engineering

Tutoring Subjects:

Math, Chemistry, Physics, Engineering

NU|Tutor since:

Winter 2016


Why do you tutor?

“In complete honesty, I do it because the hours are flexible and it pays the bills for the quarter. However, I do enjoy teaching and think that I am pretty good at it, and it can be satisfying to explain concepts to people.”

What teaching experience do you have?

“I have many years of tutoring experience. I was a summer math tutor for two summers, and was formally trained on how to tutor there. I also have done quite a bit of volunteer tutoring as well. I have been with NU|Tutors for three years now and have many satisfied clients who all walked away with higher grades or test scores.”

What are you doing this summer?

“This summer I am going to work for Rolls-Royce, and am potentially interested in working there full time after graduation. I also intend to return to Business School sometime in the future.”

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