Tutor Spotlight - Nicholas Neu

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Nicholas Neu, Class of 2022


Chemical Engineering, McCormick School of Engineering


Chemistry, Math

NU|Tutor since:

Winter 2019


What do you enjoy the most about tutoring?

“I like seeing when the students that I’m tutoring are excited - they’re excited to finally understand something. Most students aren’t confident in themselves, so when they finally get to understand the things they’ve learnt in class, it’s a big boost in their confidence. I think it’s a great feeling for both the tutor and the client. It’s why I do it.”

How’s NU|Tutors different than other tutoring experiences you’ve had?

“The online platform’s great. It makes scheduling lessons a lot easier, and really helps out with client interactions.”

Hopes? Dreams? Ambitions?

Some backstory - I switched from Weinberg to Mccormick to study chemical engineering. The reason why I did that is that there’s a lot of interesting work being done in science and technology companies nowadays. If I can help create some sort of tech that makes people’s lives easier - that’s fulfilling to me.

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