Private Tutoring 

NU|Tutors private tutoring matches highly experienced tutors with students of all ages flexibly served hundreds of students who need help reviewing for finals season, explaining difficult concepts, or even some help with homework for all subjects. Each tutor is a top Northwestern University student, the best of the best, that provides a relatable and completely customizable approach for each client. To connect with a fun, dedicated, and brilliant tutor, sign up today!

Math Tutoring

NU|Tutors math tutors come from a variety of math heavy majors at Northwestern University. From economics to industrial engineering to mathematics itself, our tutors all have extensive experience studying and tutoring math. Our friendly tutors’ expertise combined with a passion for using these same subjects in their course of study presents a perfect solution for students seeking math help at any level.

Our tutors are experts at all levels of math!

  • Elementary Math

  • Algebra (all levels)

  • Geometry

  • Pre-Calculus

  • AP Calculus AB & BC

  • Advanced Differential and Integral Calculus

  • Linear Algebra

Science Tutoring

Northwestern engineering, chemistry, biology, physics, integrated science program, and other STEM majors make up our AP science tutoring staff. All having received 5s on their AP science exams just a few years ago, our tutors understand and relate to students on a level other tutoring companies cannot. Sign up today for help with homework, learning tricky concepts, or preparing for AP exams.

 Some subjects we tutor

  • Elementary science

  • Computer Science (+AP)

  • Biology (+ AP)

  • Chemistry (+ AP)

  • Physics (+ AP)

English Tutoring

NU|Tutors English tutors cover all ages and grade levels of the subject. Friendly and approachable, our elementary English tutors offer a fun and effective helping hand to growing reading and writing skills. For AP classes, our English tutors are all current Northwestern University students with reading and writing intensive majors that received 5s on their AP English Lit and Lang exams just a few years ago, a recipe for any student’s success in class and come May.

Some subjects we cover

  • Learning to read and write

  • Elementary reading and writing

  • High school English

  • AP English Literature

  • AP English Language and Composition

Foreign Language Tutoring

Learning a new language is difficult for even the brightest students. Fortunately, NU|Tutors has several Spanish and other foreign language majors on staff to make learning a new language approachable and enjoyable. From elementary to AP level, our tutors have experienced and excelled at all ranges of difficulty and have mastered the methods being taught in schools around the country first-hand. Sign up today for help with homework, understanding challenging grammar, or even learning the language for the first time.


Standardized Testing

If you are looking for a more personalized experience than our SAT class, our individual tutors also do an exceptional job of tutoring for every standardized test that a high school student might have to take.

Tests that we tutor for:

  • ACT

  • SAT

  • SAT subject tests