Frequently Asked Questions



How does NU|Tutors select its tutors?

We take applications from all Northwestern undergraduate as well as graduate students. Our interview process is very rigorous; we select tutors with the highest GPAs and standardized test scores, who have significant previous tutoring experience and work well with younger students.

How does NU|Tutors match a tutor with my child?

We select a tutor who specializes in the requested subject(s). Since we have such a vast pool of talented tutors from which to choose, we also take into consideration your individual requests. Thus, we choose the tutor who will not only help your child academically, but also serve as a compatible mentor for your child. All you have to do is fill out the interest form on our registration page and we'll take care of the matching!

How does NU|Tutors train its tutors?

We don’t train our tutors in any single curriculum, as each student has individual needs and a unique learning style. Our tutors all have extensive previous tutoring experience and are at the top of their class at Northwestern. All tutors are unique with different backgrounds and types of training.


Where can I purchase and coordinate sessions?

You can arrange a session by entering in your information on the registration page. Shortly afterwards, we will contact you with a tutor pairing to arrange a session at your earliest convenience. In order to arrange a session, you must purchase hours ahead of time in the form of credit and will redeem this credit when your student attends the session.

Do my tutoring credits expire?

You are able to redeem your hours for up to a year. If you have not been active for over a year, you will not be able to redeem any credit that you have previously purchased.


How will I know when my child has had enough sessions?

It’s best to communicate with your tutor to determine how often and how long your child should meet with your tutor. Depending on your child’s attitude and progress, our tutors will evaluate how often sessions should take place.

What if I want more tutoring sessions during certain months/seasons?

We offer great flexibility to all of our clients. If you would like to have more sessions before a test or class, please let your tutor know in advance and we will be sure to accommodate you.


Tutorcruncher is our online payment software. You have 3 options to pay for a lesson, this video goes into detail on how to do so.