College Essays

The weather is getting warmer, summer is nearly in full bloom, and college application season is just beginning! It’s never too early to start preparing for the next chapter of your lives. College essays may the toughest part of college applications, but it doesn’t mean they can’t be a joy to write. NU|Tutors offers personalized college essay help for students. Whether a student is stuck trying to come up with an essay topic, or they simply need to fine tune their already brilliant essay, NU|Tutors will offer guidance every step of the way, until both you and your child are thrilled with the final product. Our videochat based service means that our tutors are very flexible to coordinate sessions to fit the schedule of your child and sessions can be held in the comfort of your own home.

Why we’re different

1. Flexibility and attention to detail

  • Most online essay help services simply proofread a submitted document, without careful attention to the structure and content of the essay.

  • At NU|Tutors, we believe that an essay requires feedback and ample time to collaboratively draft.

  • There are no set time limits on individual lessons. Your child and their tutor will end each session when they both feel they have made enough substantive change and an actionable plan for the next session.

2. Upfront Pricing

  • Our services are priced by project, rather than by hour.

  • This way you and your child will know exactly how much a project will cost from start to completion before you even start.

3. Experienced tutors

  • Our tutors know what colleges are looking for and how to craft a winning essay due to the fact that they have successfully gone through the application process recently.

  • With increasing competition among applicants, colleges are now looking for different attributes in prospective students.

  • Most other services employ adults who have not gone through the application process in a long time.