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Our Company

Who we are: NU|Tutors is a holding company of Northwestern Student Holdings, a student run company that manages a portfolio of businesses that service the Northwestern, Evanston, and Chicago communities. Individually, NU|Tutors is an affordable tutoring service that works with K-12 students from the North Shore area. Started in 2008, we offer individual tutoring services and ACT/SAT bootcamp classes. We are proud of the difference that we have made on the Evanston, Skokie, Glenview, Kenilworth, and Winnetka communities.

Why You Should Apply

  1. Our tutors are the highest paid student employees on campus, making $25/hour on campus, $35/hour off campus, and $40/hour running and leading our boot camps.
  2. Tutors develop great relations with their students, developing mentorships that stretch beyond the classroom.
  3. Tutors have flexible hours, and work with their students to find the best times to meet.
  4. Tutoring is a great way for you to give back to the local community.


Tutor Qualifications

Who are you looking for?
We are looking for driven Northwestern students who want to make a positive impact on the Northshore community. Prior success in the classroom is key, but we are also looking for candidates with experience working with students or kids.
Is this a work-study position?
This is not a work-study position. Any student can become a tutor.
I am an international student. Can I still work for NU|Tutors?
We cannot hire international students at this time.

The Tutor Experience

Who will I tutor?
While 80% of our clients are in high school, 20% of our students are in grades K-8.
What will I tutor?
You will select which subjects you would like to tutor, and you will never have to tutor in any area in which you are not confident. You do not need to be a math major to tutor in math, nor do you need to be pre-med to tutor in AP Biology. Tutoring takes place in any and every subject, from Math and Physics to English and Communication. NU|Tutors also provides ACT and SAT tutoring.
What is the time commitment?
Tutors have a flexible schedule, and, including time spent preparing for sessions, work anywhere from 1-5 hours per week. Tutoring times are determined by your availability and your client’s convenience.

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