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by Northwestern Students

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NU|Tutors offers Northwestern’s best students for K-12 tutoring, and ACT/SAT test prep in the greater Evanston, Wilmette, Winnetka, Skokie, and Kenilworth areas.

Subject Tutoring

NU|Tutors brings you the most driven and highest performing students in the nation. They know the secrets to balancing academics, extracurriculars, and a healthy personal life. We know the educational landscape is constantly changing, so we cycle new tutors to provide talent that understands how to navigate the present system. Learn more about how we can help students master everything from AP, honors, and standard classes to the ACT and SAT - or even a new foreign language. Embark on the first steps to controlling your education. Learn More >


The ACT Now class features a proven and effective curriculum led by tutors who have mastered the exam, achieving perfect scores. The course features adaptive homework that is tailored to every student. Our class is limited to 8 students in order to provide the individual attention needed to succeed. We have a proven track record of success with the average student achieving a score increase of 4 points after taking our class. We know what works and our results speak for themselves. Classes meet twice a week. ACT Now! Learn More >

College Advising

NU|Tutors offers a highly personalized and flexible college counseling experience tailored to every student’s needs. Our services cover a range of topics including: Common Application essay writing, Common Application activity resumes, university-specific supplemental essay writing, mock interviews, and approaches to receiving letters of recommendation. Every student receives a complimentary hour-long consultation with one of our tutors. This allows our tutors to understand your student’s college goals and better guide your student through essay writing, resume creation, and interviewing. At the conclusion of your consultation, you will be able to customize your own tutoring package. Learn More >

What are our clients saying?

  • “NU|Tutors allowed me to go from a 28 to a 33 on my ACT. I wouldn’t be attending the university I am now attending without their guidance, dedication, and attainable curriculum”

    Sahar M. NU Tutors client since 2013

  • “My son was able to finish all of his homework assignments, become more organized, and study for the ACT successfully at the same time due to the tutors at NU|Tutors”

    Benjamin B. NU|Tutors client since 2013

  • ““My son’s ACT score was able to increase by 8 points because of NU|Tutors! I
    would recommend them to anyone in the area”

    David S. NU|Tutors client since 2010

  • “Our tutors are so flexible with helping our children out. Not only do they receive
    additional practice, encouragement, and better results, but my students are much
    more confident in school because of NU|Tutors”

    Marie B. NU|Tutors Client since 2011

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